Bee Swarm Simulator

As you already understood this script for the game Bee Swarm Simulator. This script has a lot of very useful features, one of them is Auto Farm, it will automatically farm for you Honey.

Head Fly Race

Cool script for Head Fly Race on Wins Farm, Power Farm, Auto Rebirth, Equip Best Pets and Auto Hatch

Make It Louder : Simulator

Cool script for Make It Louder : Simulator on Auto Click, Auto Sell, Collect Coins, Collect Sounds, Unlock Islands and Auto Buy

Meme Mergers

New cool script for Meme Mergers on Auto Click, Auto Merg, Finish Obby and Auto Uphrades

Muscle Simulator X

Cool script for Muscle Simulator X on Auto Click, Auto Rebirth, Equip Best, Speed ??and Auto Hatch

Sword Race

Cool script for Sword Race on Auto Race, Power Farm, Auto Rebith, Equip Best Pets and Weapon, Auto Hatch

+1 Fat Every Second

Cool script for +1 Fat Every Second on Wins Farm, Auto Rebirth, Collect Food, Anti Damage and WalkSpeed

Farming Simulator

New cool script for Farming Simulator on Auto Sell, Equip Best Pets, Auto Upgrades and Auto Hatch