Merge Simulator

New nice and cool Merge Simulator script. In this script there are such functions as: Auto Merge(it will automatically merge for you), Auto Tap(It will automatically tap for you)

Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X. New nice and cool script. In this script there are such functions as - Auto Farm, Auto Hatch Eggs, Set Walkspeed and more.

Saber Simulator

Auto farm, Auto buy, auto kill boss, auto sell, all Islands more! Saber Simulator Gui


DOORS GUI. This script has a lot of very useful features, one of them is: Instant Interact, it will instantly unlock doors

Sonic Speed Simulator

Good script, the words of the developer of the script: now, my lead dev spectrum created a script for this game called sonic speed simulator. So i asked him if he wanted to release it.

Mining Simulator 2

Script for the game Mining Simulator 2, a lot of features, tried it out works well, but a pity there is no auto teleport to the mine, but otherwise normal

Merge Simulator

The coolest GUI for Merge Simulator on [+] Auto Merge [+] Auto Buy Spawn Tiers [+] Auto Buy Max Blocks [+] Auto Buy Spawn Rate [+] Auto Buy Minions [+] Auto Complete Obby [+] Auto Rebirth [+] Auto Click For Money

Merge Simulator

Normal script for Merge Simulator on auto tap idk and auto merge