DOORS. This script has a lot of very useful features, one of them is: Walkspeed, you can change your walkspeed


Good script with lots of features and here are the features that were left undescribed: nti Rush/Ambush, Avoid Screech, Win Heartbeat

Merge Simulator

Good script for Merge Simulator on Auto Tap, Auto Merge, Auto Rebirth and more

Driving Empire

Cool gui for Driving Empire on Auto Farm


Teleport tool to items and that's it

Tower of Misery

top script for Tower of Misery mode,thanks to this script and its functions,for example Auto Farm,thanks to this you will very quickly get to the top and win,coming first,also there is a teleporter you can teleport there or other random places,also remove all obstacles that will kill you

Adopt Me

A good hub with a script for adoption.

Collect All Pets

Collect All Pets! New nice and cool script. In this script there are such functions as - AutoFarm, AutoCollect, AutoClaimrewards Collect All Pets! | AutoFarm, AutoCollect, Auto Claim Rewards