Sword Race

auto farm race, auto rebirth, kill aura slimes, auto collect rewards, autobuy eggs

Strongman Simulator

New cool script for Strongman Simulator at Energy Farm and Strength Farm

Pet Simulator X

The AutoFarm script for Roblox is a game enhancer that automates the process of farming in-game resources, such as money, experience points, and items. The script continuously repeats a set of actions to earn rewards, freeing up your time and allowing you to focus on other aspects of the game.

Homework Printing Simulator

Cool script for Homework Printing Simulator on Infinity Money

Super Dunk

Cool script for Super Dunk on Auto Dunk, Auto Collect and Auto Click

Strongest Anime Squad Simulator

Cool script for Strongest Anime Squad Simulator on Kill Aura, Auto Sell Downed Mobs, Crash Server and Insta Kill

Slasher Blade

Cool script for Slasher Blade on Auto Kill, Equip Best, Auto Open Chest, Auto Upgrade Skill

Pig Race

Cool script for Pig Race on Coins Farm, INF Reward, Auto Click, Auto Rebirth and Reset