Military Tycoon

AutoFarm drones from new challange

+1 Jump Each Second

OP Autowin ( DO not change the wait, the game has a built-in cooldown)

Pet Simulator X

New and hot script for a game like Pet Simulator X. As you can see, the script supports a large number of functions, one of them is Auto Farm, it will automatically farm for you Coins

Fly Race

New cool gui for Fly Race on infinity studs

Fat Race Clicker

Coolest GUI for Fat Race Clicker on Auto Farm Wins, Auto Click, Auto Rebirth, Rainbow Skin and Auto Hatch

Zombie Merge Tycoon

- Inf Sample - Auto Deposit - Auto Merge - Auto Upgrade - Auto Buy Zombies - Teleport all Zombies - Collect Cash


Add Points,Tp to top Tower,Annoy Players,Get All Items,WalkSpeed

Cyber City Tycoon

WalkSpeed, Auto Rob, Auto Buy Buttons, Auto Collect Money, Auto Rebirth