Human Cannon

Cool script for Human Cannon on Coins Farm, Collect TNT, Auto Buy TNT and Auto Rebirth

Undead Defense Tycoon

Best GUI with Autofarm(Key is: 4P8FPmOVGg)

+1 Speed Every Second

Cool gui for +1 Speed ??Every Second on Auto Farm Wins and Anti AFK

Fly Race

Cool gui for Fly Race at Semi-Autofarm (OP But breaks if u have High Ping), Reset (if Semi-Autofarm breaks), Autofarm (For AFK Farming), Auto Collect Orbs

Fly Race

Cool script for Fly Race on Bring Orbs, Studs Farm and Anti AFK

Mine Racer

Nice GUI for Mine Racer on Auto Join, Auto Mine, Anti AFK and Auto Open Eggs

Legends Of Speed

this script has a lot of functions such as: auto-win, auto-collection of crystals, auto-collection of orbs and much more :)

Pet Simulator X

Another 1 script for this mode, one of the functions of this script is Auto Farm, Multi, Auto Egg and more see for yourself, without the key