Glide Race

Cool script for Glide Race on Infinite Speed and Auto Race

Sword Fighters Simulator

Verify Twitter, Auto farm selected way nearest mob,auto click,auto collect coins, auto ascend, auto farm quest, auto buy area, auto upgrade,auto buy eggs,auto equip best pet and sword, auto forge,speed and inf jumps,remove water damage,collect chest

Walmart Land

Finds snowmen and for this they will give a thing to inventory

Sword Fighters Simulator

New GUI for Sword Fighters Simulator on Auto Click, Auto Ascend, Auto Open Eggs and more

Sword Fighters Simulator

Cool script for Sword Fighters Simulator on Auto Farm, Fight Aura, Auto Collect, Auto Power and more

Blox Fruits

Auto Raid,ESP, Auto Farm,Collect Confetti, Player's Modifiers, TP to Island and Npc, Farm of the sea and more(With the key :( )

Training Simulator

Auto-Farm chosen item, Auto buy weights(if you get a notification about a failed purchase, don't worry, you just don't have enough gems and the place is trying to buy them), give gamepasses, walkspeed, auto collect gifts


Cool multifunctional script for KAT on Auto Farm, Silent Aim and more