Bubble Gum Clicker!

auto blow bubble,auto sell,auto collect coins and gems, tp to islands,auto buy eggs,inf jumps,walkspeed toggle

Anime Souls Simulator

Cool script for Anime Souls Simulator on Auto Farm, Auto Quest, Auto Punch, Auto Classes and Auto Hatch Egg


Cool script for DIG RACE on Auto Click, Auto Rebirth, Equip Best Pet and Auto Open Eggs

Fat Simulator

Cool script for Fat Simulator on Auto Eat, Auto Burp, Auto Fart, Auto Rebirth, Inf Jump and WalkSpeed

+1 Per Second

Cool script for +1 Per Second on Wins Farm, Teleport, Speed and JumpPower

Bubble Gum Clicker

Regular script for Bubble Gum Clicker on Auto Blow, Auto Sell 2x and Teleport

Bubble Gum Clicker

Cool script for Bubble Gum Clicker on - auto bubble - auto sell x2 - auto free gifts - auto claim chests - auto equip best pets (New) - auto hatch selected egg (New) -auto delete basic,rare and epic (New) - teleport to selected location - anti afk (haven't tired if it's working) (New) - walk speed (New) - fov (New)

Anime Defense Simulator

New cool script for Anime Defense Simulator on Auto Farm Mob, Auto Join World, Auto Open Eggs and more